Optical Signal Generators

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Warning or flashing beacons are used in traffic control and for warning against hazards. Such beacons come in different models, of various sizes, shapes and colours. A key differentiation is in the type of light output. LED beacons may come with permanent, double flashing, or with flickering light, to suit different applications. Rotating reflector beacons are dome-shaped warning lamps with either a rotating mirror or rotating fresnel lenses that deliver a flashing light effect in all directions. These beacons are used in tow trucks, ambulances, snow ploughs and delivery vehicles. The best beacons have a corrosion-resistant base plate and impact-resistant polycarbonate dome. Depending on the model, the beacon may also sport features such as pressure equalisation valves to prevent condensation, quick release screws for easy installation, and more. Beacons with high ingress protection ratings, such as IP67, have effective protection against dust and water. The performance of the beacon depends on the strength of the lamp it houses. The common accessories for warning or flashing beacons and rotating reflector beacons are incandescent bulbs, halogen lamps, connectors, cable glands, connection nipples, wall brackets, a base foot with pipe, and more. Selecting robust accessories that complement the beacons contributes to setting up a highly effective warning system.