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Kingston Technology is a U.S. multinational corporation that supplies the global computer market with flash memory components and other computer memory products. Launched in 1987 in Fountain Valley, California, by John Tu and David Sun, the company recognised there was a pressing need for surface-mounted memory chips. Their initial product, a single SIMM module, was an immediate success, and the Kingston brand has since grown to become an international presence. Now employing over 3,000 people worldwide, the company has won prestigious industry awards for product reliability and innovation, and is ranked one of the largest manufacturers of hard drives and modular memory. An extensive range of Kingston products is available from stock. These include portable memory in the form of SD-cards (capacities from 8GB–512GB) and USB flash drives (capacities from 4GB up to 1TB). USB data sticks offer faster performance than memory cards, with a maximum read access of 350MB/s and write speeds of up to 250MB/s. Fast SSD drives with a maximum capacity of 960GB can also be supplied, with 2.5” drive formats and the SATA 6Gb/s interface being the most popular specifications. Kingston memory modules (both ECC and non-ECC) are also stocked in capacities from 1GB to 64GB, with the most requested variety being the DIMM 240-pin units.


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