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A multinational manufacturer of electrical components and connectors, TE Connectivity was registered in 2007 when Tyco Group hived off its electronics division. In 2011, the fledgling Tyco Electronics changed its name to TE Connectivity to highlight its manufacturing focus. The company has an operational headquarters in Berwyn, Pennsylvania and manufactures a vast range of industrial connectors and cables, protective heat-shrink tubing and electronics components such as sensors, relays and switches. TE Connectivity aims to use its engineering expertise to work towards technical advancement and inventions for a better-connected world. A global leader in connectivity solutions, TE places great importance on research and development and has numerous patents. Circular connectors are manufactured from lightweight, fire-retardant thermoplastic or in highly durable metal shell versions with various power ratings for free-hanging connection, wire to board or panel-mounted use with plug-in housings. Applications include factory machinery, rail and transit vehicles, HVAC systems and medical instrumentation, as well as communication, computers and power supply components, from splices and terminals to PCB-mounted sockets for integrated circuits. Finally, TE produces hand tools, including crimping dies, sets and extractors.


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