Hot off the press! The new Distrelec Catalogue – 3kg of concentrated product expertise including 20.000 new products

We are proud to announce the release of our brand new 2016/2017 edition of our paper catalogue.

It is not just another catalogue. It is the Platinum Book in a polished and sophisticated design featuring 85.000 original products from leading manufactures out of which 20.000 are brand new.

It is a definitive reference for Maintenance, Repair & Operations, Automation and Electronic Design Engineer professionals. Each of the in total more than 100.000 catalogues is packed with 3 kilograms of concentrated product expertise.

The technical details of the new catalogue:

  • 2068 pages in total
  • A4 Format: 213mmx300mm
  • Weight: approx. 3kg

Our paper catalogue is exclusively reserved for our business customers (B2B). Order your copy online with just a few clicks by using your business customer account!

PS: If you order only a catalogue, you will receive a voucher for the amount of the catalogue shipping costs that you can redeem with your next purchase. You will not receive a voucher when ordering a catalogue in combination with other products.

Catalogue Highlights

New Product Introduction
This new 2016/2017 edition of our paper catalogue is packed with 85.000 original products - out of them 20.000 are brand new - from leading manufacturers.



Intelligent Maintenance, Repair and Operations
We are introducing an entirely section dedicated to Maintenance, Repair and Operations – one of our focus areas. Our objective is to explore, and share, compelling thoughts of how we can develop a more efficient and intelligent procurement service that will reduce your acquisition costs.



Category Info blocks
We have added new editorial features to our catalogue such as our product expert’s info blocks in every product categories. Each of them share their insights into the state of the business and the trends driving future innovations.



Catalogue Video 

Watch out the Catalogue video introduction.